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Leveraging OpenTelemetry with Splunk Observability
Today’s need for speed in software delivery and the always increasing requirements for reliability of software operations require DevOps teams to find new approaches to be successful. Digital Architects Zurich introduced the ”Digital Highway for Continuous Software Delivery” to cope with these challenges in cloud-native and classic environments. One of the key capabilities in the digital highway is Observability and AIOps. In this webinar, we will introduce the open source observability framework “OpenTelemetry” and demonstrate how to leverage it for monitoring data collection and transport in conjunction with the artificial intelligence and visualisation capabilities of the “Splunk Observability Suite”.

- Digital Highway for Continuous Software Delivery
- Leveraging Observability as SLI source
- History and future of OpenTelemetry
- Key building blocks of OpenTelemetry
- OpenTelemetry with the Splunk Observability Suite
- Demo


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